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What would “Spirit-led Business” even look like? Do you have any idea?

* Does it mean you should ignore basic business principles?
* Does it mean that your MBA is irrelevant?
* Does it mean that you need some mystical connection with God to make your business work?
* Does it mean that success is guaranteed if you learn it?

These are all valid questions, and all questions I intend to address (and a ton more) in the videos to follow. For Christ-following business people, Spirit-led business is what God intends. He wants us following His lead as we organize, staff, lead, and build the businesses He’s given to us.

Can you think of a a better person to follow? Is there anyone else who knows business like the God of the universe?

I don’t think so… and I’m going to unpack my thoughts on this powerfully important subject in these videos… I hope you stick around to discover what “Spirit-led Business” can look like.