Follow Your Passion is a BAD idea – Christian coaching – Christian business

I’m a life transformation coach and business coach… and a rabid follower of Jesus Christ.

And I’m very concerned about the deception of all the “Follow Your Passion” stuff I hear out there today. I get it… we all want to do something with our lives that is fulfilling and meaningful. CHECK.

But for a follower of Christ we have to think a bit more critically about those kinds of statements to ensure that they align with the purpose and will of our Savior. If Jesus is your Lord, you can’t just “follow YOUR passion.” It’s not YOUR passion that matters.

Jesus is Lord for a reason. He’s knows how He wants to use your life. He created you for that specific purpose (Ephesians 2:10). That may mean that the passions you “naturally” have are exactly in line with what He wants you to be doing. But we have to take the time to examine it, to be sure.

And to say “Follow Your Passion” to a person who doesn’t know Christ at all… that’s like saying “Do whatever you want,” when the reality is that self-centered living is what keeps most of us away from Christ in the first place. We’re unwilling to give our life over, to make Him Lord of the life we live. But that’s EXACTLY what has to happen in order for life to be truly fulfilled.

So, “Follow Your Passion?” No on your life.